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Sep 8, 2014

No One Thinks of Changing Himself - Leo Tolstoy

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."

Leo Tolstoy

The Russian famous writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy was born on Sep 09, 1828 in Tula Russia. He wrote many books and novel but "War and Peace" was his first novel that gained outstanding popularity among readers and a novel that still ranks among the world's top novels.

Google Doodle is celebrating his 186th anniversary today with an animated doodle of Leo Tolsty.

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May 29, 2014

Doing Forex, Then Be Patient

This is to teach you to be patient, if you are watching shorter timelines and a market looks like it is going against you, then you are likely to bail out at a loss.

Whereas people who have patience will have no interest when the market turns against them, as when they look at the screen after an hour it has recovered in their favor.

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May 28, 2014

Improving Your Life

Once you accept that you have anything in your life that need to be increased or modified; it is easier for you to start working in the direction of modifying it.

There are numerous methods of improving or changing your life for the better. Most of them are time tested methods and are very effective in enhancing the entire quality of your life.

May 27, 2014

Love Yourself

Think it over, you are most probably not that kind to yourself when you are in deep thought. At least when this week, you may have called yourself a fool, fat, ridiculous or a few other negative adjectives. And the fact is this: when we are not secure with ourselves, nobody else is going to be comfortable with us probably. For this reason it is definitely essential for you to make certain that you are being kind and soothing with yourself.

Nov 15, 2012

Key of Success

Just cheer up this is the joy of life. Ups and downs are part of life, try to resolve your issues calmly, deeply watch and study everything twice, discuss your routine discrepancies with your parents, life partner, friends or classmates in decent manner may be a better strategy is that to listen them first, let them heard  what they want to say then share your opinions or issues with them, learn from your mistakes so that you will never make them happened again, wise men are never repeat same mistakes again. Never ever give up in your life.

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